Green-Friendly Cleaning Services for Metro Atlanta and the Southeast

About Our Company

All Bright Cleaning Services was started in 1989 the old fashioned way…with a lot of hard work and a determination to succeed. Days and nights of single-handedly cleaning offices and homes, detailing cars and fulfilling commercial cleaning contracts began to pay off. Many years later, we have crews of people working with some of the best known companies in the South. Our clients have included: BellSouth Corp. (first personal communications center), Georgia Perimeter College (All Campuses), MEDEX, Inc.(a medical manufacturing company), and Parsons Meadow (a 20 acre Medical Campus). They selected our firm not just because we offer superior value (our rates are within the market “norms”), but primarily because we have a personal involvement with each and every account. Even though our business has grown, we still treat each and every client with the same level of professional attention as we did when we started this company.

Frankly, this business is often known for high turnover and service that becomes increasingly less reliable as time passes. All Bright’s goal from the beginning was to grow by focusing on doing great work for the clients we had …not focusing on getting more accounts. At first we thought that might limit our growth but we learned something surprising. We found the “pearl in the oyster”, so to speak.

We saw that business was growing quickly, even though we had fewer accounts than our larger competitors. We continue to get an increasingly greater share of each clients’ service opportunities and we didn’t need to search as hard for new business. Our competitors in the same building frequently don’t maintain the level of professionalism, personal attention or positive attitude that they displayed when they initially closed the sale. In short, we continue to grow the old fashioned way…by continuing to consistently do great work. If our competitors were growing, it was often by selling new contracts faster than existing ones fell by the wayside.


Anthony Bills